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TRANSEARCH International is one of the leading Executive Search organizations in the world. Our global presence allows us to offer our clients services that are based on the same high-quality criteria globally.

TRANSEARCH Finland Oy is the Finnish office of TRANSEARCH International and offers expertise to its clients in Executive Search, Interim Management, Coaching, Board Member search and assessing Management Boards and Board of Directors. We build long lasting partnerships, not only within the TRANSEARCH organization, but also with our clients.

TRANSEARCH Orxestra© Method

We use TRANSEARCH Orxestra© Method that helps us to identify the most suitable candidates to meet the clients’ needs. The method helps to assess measure the cultural fit, and leadership competences that are necessary for the organization.


Thought leadership

Resetting Your Executive Compass

If you found time recently to reflect on where you are on life’s journey or on the pathway of your executive career, you may have found yourself thinking more about your purpose, your time and your priorities...

Staying Ahead of Disruptive Business Models

Executives in a growing number of industry spaces are beginning to ask many ‘What if?’ sorts of question.

Their teams are modeling revenue projections, supply chains and technology risks against a bevy of influences brought on by new technology and new business competitors whose aims are as disruptive as they are ambitious...
Experience Can Be A Restrictive Default Setting

Most global executives are promoted or recruited into new leadership roles because of the education they completed, the experience they gained and the insights they bring to new business opportunities and challenges...

Working For Your Resume Or Your Eulogy

Sometimes, if you listen intently enough, some of the most powerful lessons of your executive leadership career can come from some of the most unexpected places...



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International Offices

International Offices